Competition Venues

Portrush is a small seaside resort town in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, on the County Londonderry border.  The area is well known for its sandy beaches West Strand, East Strand, White Rocks and Portballintrae which produce world class surf. The beaches provide lots of options in varying conditions for small to large swell and different wind strengths and directions.

The main competition venue will be East Strand with the option to move to another break to get better conditions.



East Strand

The East Strand site does hold a big wave. This can cause hazards as the heavy waves become big with strong rips. The site gets busy in summer and is suitable for intermediate – advanced paddlers. There is car parking and toilets close to the site and the town is just a short walk away.

Location: North facing beach on east side of Portrush town.

West Strand

The waves at West Strand are bigger than those on the East Strand, there are no hazards, but the site does get busy in the summer. The West Strand is suitable for all levels from beginner – intermediate – advanced. There is a car park and toilets nearby with town facilities just a few minutes walk away.

Location: West facing beach running from Portrush Harbour.

White Rocks

The surf at White Rocks is quite consistent – there are shifting rips, but no major hazards watch out for rocks at high tide! The site gets busy in summer and is suitable for all levels of paddler from beginner – intermediate – advanced. There are car park and toilets nearby.

Location: Off the A2 from Portrush to Bushmills. Near the turn off for the B62 TO Ballymoney.


Portballintrae works when nowhere else does! There are rocks which present a hazard. The site is busy in the summer and is suitable for Intermediate to advanced paddlers. There is a car park and toilets located nearby.

Location: Northwest facing beach to the northeast of Portballintrae near Bushmills

Other venues

If the conditions at Portrush are poor we will travel to venues within a two hour drive of Portrush. These will include venues in the North of Ireland and Donegal. You will need to enure you are mobile for the event.

For more details on the surf sites click here

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