The following is an outline plan for the event, as we finalise arrangments more details and venues will be added.

19th October (committee members and event staff only)

8am – Site and venues set up

2pm – Event staff committee meeting

20th October

9am – Judges training (East Strand)

11.30am – expression session for the judges (East Strand) – Not a requirement for competitors

11.30am – WSKA committee meeting and country representatives (Portrush Yacht Club).

If your Country does not yet have a Representative, you may nominate one – please advise the WSKA Interim Chairman, John Watson.  The main topic of this meeting will be to discuss the structure of the WSKA.

2pm – Registration and boat check (East Strand)

4pm – Team managers meeting (Portrush Yacht Club)

7pm – Opening ceremony (Meet at Portrush Yacht club)

Teams to bring an extra team flag and wear team kit.

21st October

22nd October

Traditional Irish Ceili (Magheraboy Hotel) (More details to follow)

23rd October

24th October

7pm – Meeting for WSKA committee and Country Representatives.
1.  To continue discussion and make decisions on WSKA structure.
2.  To hear from potential organisers of the 2019 World Championships.
8pm – Movie night, nibbles and drink. (More details soon)

25th October

8pm – WSKA Open Meeting.  Open to all.
1.  To hear the recommendations of the committee and Country Representatives.
2.  To discuss and confirm any decisions.
3.  Further content to be planned by the WSKA committee and Country Representatives.

26th October

8pm – Music and social (Portrush Yacht Club) (More details soon)

27th October

28th October

28th October

Finals day

Awards ceremony and closing party



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