Travel Guidance

Transport to the event is relatively easy.


Flights and Ferry

There are three options for international travellers flying which are Dublin, Belfast and Derry. There are four ferry options which are Belfast, Dublin, Roslare and Cork. There are a number of ferry options and flights available so a good search is recommended.

Belfast is just over 1 hour from Portrush.
Dublin is 2.5 hours from Portrush.
Derry is an hour from Portrush.
Roslare is 4.5 hours from Portrush.
Cork is 4.5 hours from Portrush.

There are car hire companies at all of the airports at affordable costs.

Easyjet and Ryanair will accept kayaks if you are looking to connect flights.

Local transportation

If you decide to fly and not hire a vehicle it may be difficult but a local pick up could be arranged at a cost. While at the site everything is within walking distance unless the competition needs to move due to surf conditions.

Team vehicles

If teams / athletes are travelling with their own vehicles there should be parking at the accommodation and there will be parking during the day at the venue. If you are planning to leave boats on vehicles overnight ensure they are locked. There will be boat storage available at Portrush Yacht Club.

Travel agent

For team and individual travel you can contact Nutt Travel who can arrange all of your travel needs and local requirements.

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